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Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses, which are sometimes called big eye circle contacts that create an adorable appearance for beauty purposes. They are designed with a wide outer black ring to broaden the eye iris. Most celebrities use these lenses to enhance their looks by making their eyes sparkle. Circle lenses ( have been very popular in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and most Asian countries but have now spread across the world partly because Lady Gaga wore them in her music video promotions. The good thing with circle lenses is that they don’t interfere with your vision and can be worn under prescribed glasses.

Some things to consider before putting on circle lens

1. Consult your eye specialist when buying prescription lenses and don’t adjust the magnifying power because it might damage your eyes permanently.

2. Circle lens are manufactured in Korea and approved by Korea FDA – note this mark when buying.

3. The lens should feel the same as wearing eye contact. When you notice a big difference, then probably you are wearing fake.

4. Do not go to bed with your lens on.

You need to first know the effects you want to achieve before buying circle lens because each lens gives different degrees of varying effects. Some give enlargement effects while others offer comfort levels. You can also buy those with color vibrancy effects like pop out looks, natural looks or those with blending effects.

1. Enlargement effects

Know how big you want your eyes to look. Check the diameter of the lens to help you to understand how much iris will be covered. However, the limbal ring contributes to the ultimate enlargement effects. Some lenses have smaller diameters but have huge enlargement effects. When shopping for these lenses check the diameter and the limbal ring design.

2. Comfort levels

Ask how long you can wear your lens before they become obsolete. The lifespan of circle lenses ranges between 9 and 12 months once removed from the package. If the lenses are not taken care of well, the comfort levels reduce. This is because they have lower water contents than conventional contact lens. If you are using them on a daily basis, they can last up to 8 hours and begin to irritate the eyes thereafter.

3. Color vibrancy

Some lenses are more noticeable than others because of the coloring effects. Almost all lenses can show their vibrancy under lots of light or when taken with a camera flash but those with high vibrancy levels are noticeable in natural lighting or room light.

4. Natural effect

Not all circle lenses can share enlargement, natural and vibrancy effect at the same time. If you are looking for lenses that will give you a natural look, you are advised to choose those without limbal rings and without color effects. Choose also those that match with the color of your iris.

5. Matching or blending effects

For best results choose lens that blends well with the color of your iris unless you want a dramatic look. Ask an expert to advice on the best colors that can match with your eyes and the shape of your face.

color lenses 32 A good number of people today rely on colored contact lenses for a clear vision. It is therefore very important to have lenses that are comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Besides the eyesight correcting aspect of color lenses, these lenses are also tailored to improve your overall outlook. It is clear that the right choice comes with lasting benefits and a wrong one attracts a fair share of negatives.

Shopping for lenses? Well, you are definitely bound to meet a huge variety of them. With advancement in technology, there are always new developments coming up every day. A fair share of them are the crazy types that are meant to meet the demands of today’s cosmetic society.

A change is always as good as a rest. Sometimes it is good to change your natural eye color. At this stage, choosing lenses that look good for you is what many people consider an uphill task. This is however untrue as there are there are clear guides online. You only need to look at the photographs to have a clear picture regarding which of them is best for you. Another way of doing this is by actually reading the product reviews. color lenses

Well, most colored lenses look similar. However, there are always parameters that you will not see at a glance. With a clear understanding on the specifics of these lenses like eye diameter, lens flexibility, lens size and a few others, you can always get to store that offers just the right unit for you.

Your most preferred choice can at times be rather costly for you. At this point, you can always navigate through a number of websites for the best deals or alternatively consult your doctor. With right color lenses, it is very important to handle them with care. This not only checks on costs of acquiring a new one but most importantly, it safeguards your vision.

circle lens 13 Circle lenses originated from South Korea. The popularity of these lenses has since increased and they have spread to different parts of the world. The circle lens bears some semblance with regular colored contact lenses. However, the former is popular for its ability to make the iris look much bigger than it really is. The lenses come fitted with an outer rim and their sizes vary depending in the amount of iris enlargement that its wearers desire. The lenses range from 14mm to 16mm.

You are likely to run across a huge variety of contact lens in the market. These varieties are distinguished by styles and colors. These lenses can be used to enlarge the iris, add color to your eyes, or give a costume-like appearance to your eyes. Due to these functionalities, the lenses have gained popularity as fashion accessories among young adults and teenagers. circle lens 21

The thickness of these lenses can cause discomfort, especially to those wearing them for the first time. It is therefore advisable that you seek the guidance and assistance of a qualified optometrist before going out to purchase these lenses. The optometrist will write you a prescription that fits your eyes. Don’t gamble with your sight by rushing to buy a lens that does not fit you.

Once you have purchased these lenses, you will need to follow the normal procedure for taking care of the circle lens. Make sure that you don’t wear the lens for an extended period of time. Keep the lenses clean and sterilized when not wearing them to prevent eye infections. Moreover, you should never share your circle contact lens with another person. If you bought the lenses to complement your Halloween costume, then you should ensure that you test the lenses before your big night. This will help you get accustomed to the lenses and increase your comfort level.