Benefits of WordPress & Why it is Better than Other Platforms

Ever since the inception of many blogging platforms online workers is still confused as to which is the best. Since there are a lot of differences between these websites it is important to understand them before choosing the right one. WordPress was started in 2003 and since then it has grown to be one of the leading self-hosted blogging tool that is now used by millions of people worldwide.

But what are some of benefits of WordPress as compared to other content management systems?

Content management
WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform but currently has grown to be able to manage your content. It uses pages and posts instead of individual elements. You can add media, quotes, texts and all the other important elements within the pages. Since WordPress is browser based, you can login from any internet connected to your computer and manage your site.

Hosting options
This is also another upside of WordPress. This platform gives you a lot of options and the ability to expand your website hosting. Since it is an open systems management you can install it for free in as many websites as possible. You will also get free software updates and support from your provider. This means that you can choose whichever hosting provider that you like which is not like websites.

The best blogging platform
This site gives you one of the most robust blogging platforms that is available. It gives you full control over your content while allowing you to build a blog post. This means that you will no longer wait for a web designer to come and make simple updates to your website. You can easily make those updates yourself which is unlike other sites.

E commerce
WordPress offers the best foundation for building a site that is meant for eCommerce. There are several plugins that will allow you to build WordPress Ecommerce. More so, you can build the kind of eCommerce website that you need while still using it. Since the cost of hosting is low, you can build a more expandable website with WordPress than you can do in other platforms.

Your site can grow with your business
Since WordPress site very scalable, it can enhance the growth of your business as they expand. You can have hundreds of blogs or web pages, but the performance of the website will not be compromised at all. You can also set up multiple users to the website and assign capabilities and access levels to each user.

Search engine optimization
Search engines love its code. This is because the code behind it is clean making it easy for search engines to read and index. Each page, image or post can have its own keywords, title, and description that can be optimized. You can also use tags in your search engine optimization efforts.

Final thought
The above outline facts show how WordPress is better than other platforms hence very popular with folks. More so, WordPress offers more flexibility and freedom which makes it easy to build a website the way you want. Above all, what will make one platform better than the other is its authenticity and reliability. You can learn how to build a WordPress Website here.

The Best Fence Company In Georgia

Our new article is on the topic of home improvement – we can pass on home improvement with a number of things based on external and internal factors.
However, we will just discuss about fencing (external factor), one of such company that offer the best fencing work in Georgia is Lilburn Fence Company, which has done excellent work in this area.


We all know that there are a number of types of fencing only such as chain-link fences, glass fences, picket fences, ornamental/metallic fences, wooden gates/fences and custom solutions. You are choosing either wooden fences, metallic fences or chain-link fences; they have the specialisation in all of that. If you need normal wooden fences, which will embrace your backyard or if you need decorative aluminium and steel fences, they certify that the amount invested by the consumer will last for years without any wear and tear.
The new type of fences that are mostly used to keep the dogs safely inside the house are chain link fences, which has the strength and durability, are installed by Lilburn Fence Company really effectively. They have the best quality material and unbeatable artistry and they are serving the people of Atlanta since 1996. These days it is not an easy job to find such unfailing fence contractor, who has great skilled labour and devoted service provider for a particular job.

Home improvement is an onetime investment issue, so when are you selecting a fencing service provider you must be, acquainted with their background, like how much work the firm has done and other vital things. When Lilburn Fence Company is, contacted for a job, they execute the complete estimate and talk about the process and work with you.
Wait! You do not have to fret about anything; they will tell you everything about the materials and every possible alternative for the requirements of fencing. As per the need of the client, they carry out everything and offer a bother less setting up of the fence. They take care of the purchase of every material, setting up a utility marker appointment, deliverance of the material and installation of the fence all around the property. Everything from first step to the last one performed by these skilled people. They have a huge practice and they assure 5 years of warranty for their customers. Think for a second! A company that has been in service since 1996, have the experience of 20 years, it will be more competent than any other company.

Lilburn Fence Company has the reputation for offering both residential and commercial fence fixing with great zeal. They are, known for the accurate, clean and well-timed fence estimate and installation. The quality workmanship and performance with the best materials make them ahead of their competitors. When people are choosing such renowned fence contractor, they ensure that their asset is in the good hands. Such is the company that perform extraordinary job in fence installation. Therefore, whenever you are planning to install fence in your home or commercial building do contact this company.

Smart Pens – What You Need When Writing

The digital age has gone very far, positively affecting the lives of every modern individual. Today, people can access unlimited information, work and attend classes in front of a computer and even transact businesses without meeting clients face to face. But one of the aspects everyone cannot live without is the macro skill known as writing. While you can speak directly onto your phone when doing online searches or even transcribe information to your device through various online applications, you cannot simply get away with taking down notes through writing, either on paper or on your mobile device. But with the fast and high technology form of living nowadays, the traditional pen and paper kind of writing might not work efficiently. Thus, smart pens came to existence.

Neo Smart Pen N2
With the aim to bridge the gap between traditional and digital writing, Neo Smart Pen N2 was invented and manufactured for use for everyone. The product generally looks like an ordinary pen but unlike traditional pens you use every day, the Neo Smart Pen N2 has the ability to transmit whatever you write into your mobile device or netbook computers for storage. With the use of the product, you can have all your school or business notes stored into your handy mobile device.


How do smart pens work?
Today’s technological developments have made many impossible things in the past become realities. Smart pens like Neo smart pen N2 works through its installed camera feature, which carefully records what you write. Using a special paper designed with very small codes not seen by the naked eye, every word and letter you write are transmitted through Bluetooth into your device. Whatever you write can also be stored, just like saving typed texts or documents in your computer.

What makes the product stand out?
There are several products available in the market but what makes Neo smart pen N2 the best option? You can find a lot of cheaper smart pen products from various online stores but choosing this among the rest is advantageous for the following reasons:
1. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Since the product draws energy from batteries, battery life is an essential issue when purchasing smart pens. Neo smart pen N2 is primarily designed with long battery life as it uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the newest Bluetooth technology that consumes low energy compared to other Bluetooth operations.
2. It is slim, light and durable
There is no doubt about the beauty of the product’s appearance but what makes it more notable is its slim, light and durable design.
3. It is powerful
With its ARM dual processor, the product has the ability to handle even heavy writing tasks by capturing 120 frames per second.

You don’t have to bring pen and paper or scour your bag for writing materials every time you need to jot down something. By having the best smart pens at hand, you can perform any light or heavy writing tasks with ease and convenience. For more information about Neo smart pen N2, you can visit the product’s official website.

K1 Motors- First rate smash repair services in Melbourne

Repairing a car can be a nightmare. As a matter of fact even worse, you would wish to have nightmares instead. The cost involved in repairing is usually the trouble that most people suffer. It is possible to have your car repaired at an affordable price but this all depends on where you live and what kind of car you drive. If you drive the likes of Mercedes and BMW you might have to pay a generous portion of the national debt in the name of repairing it. If you want to get the best smash repairs Melbourne has to offer, you will find K1 Motors to be the place for that.

Why choose K1 Motors?

K1 Motors is finest smash repairs service provider in Melbourne for several reasons. The company has been in business for a significant length of time now. The services they offer are clearly out of this world and this is thanks to the team of highly experienced experts. These experts hold years upon years of experience in the auto repair industry. They can therefore provide high quality services with such tremendous ease.

K1 Motors is able to provide quality smash repairs Melbourne car owners can trust because of their cutting-edge technology. They have the latest technology that enables them to do an awesome job within the shortest time possible.

They do not discriminate against work and each client is equally important. Whether you want to repair a minor scratch on the door or have the whole car repainted, they will do it. These experts offering the best smash repairs Melbourne has ever had will ensure that they do not inconvenience you by keeping your car with them longer than necessary. The car will be repaired within the shortest time possible.

Perhaps the thing that makes K1 Motors the best place to get first rate smash repairs Melbourne residents can rely upon is the affordability. The remarkably good services that they offer come at the most competitive prices in the market.

Choosing The Best Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses, which are sometimes called big eye circle contacts that create an adorable appearance for beauty purposes. They are designed with a wide outer black ring to broaden the eye iris. Most celebrities use these lenses to enhance their looks by making their eyes sparkle. Circle lenses ( have been very popular in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and most Asian countries but have now spread across the world partly because Lady Gaga wore them in her music video promotions. The good thing with circle lenses is that they don’t interfere with your vision and can be worn under prescribed glasses.

Some things to consider before putting on circle lens

1. Consult your eye specialist when buying prescription lenses and don’t adjust the magnifying power because it might damage your eyes permanently.

2. Circle lens are manufactured in Korea and approved by Korea FDA – note this mark when buying.

3. The lens should feel the same as wearing eye contact. When you notice a big difference, then probably you are wearing fake.

4. Do not go to bed with your lens on.

You need to first know the effects you want to achieve before buying circle lens because each lens gives different degrees of varying effects. Some give enlargement effects while others offer comfort levels. You can also buy those with color vibrancy effects like pop out looks, natural looks or those with blending effects.

1. Enlargement effects

Know how big you want your eyes to look. Check the diameter of the lens to help you to understand how much iris will be covered. However, the limbal ring contributes to the ultimate enlargement effects. Some lenses have smaller diameters but have huge enlargement effects. When shopping for these lenses check the diameter and the limbal ring design.

2. Comfort levels

Ask how long you can wear your lens before they become obsolete. The lifespan of circle lenses ranges between 9 and 12 months once removed from the package. If the lenses are not taken care of well, the comfort levels reduce. This is because they have lower water contents than conventional contact lens. If you are using them on a daily basis, they can last up to 8 hours and begin to irritate the eyes thereafter.

3. Color vibrancy

Some lenses are more noticeable than others because of the coloring effects. Almost all lenses can show their vibrancy under lots of light or when taken with a camera flash but those with high vibrancy levels are noticeable in natural lighting or room light.

4. Natural effect

Not all circle lenses can share enlargement, natural and vibrancy effect at the same time. If you are looking for lenses that will give you a natural look, you are advised to choose those without limbal rings and without color effects. Choose also those that match with the color of your iris.

5. Matching or blending effects

For best results choose lens that blends well with the color of your iris unless you want a dramatic look. Ask an expert to advice on the best colors that can match with your eyes and the shape of your face.