How To Create and Why You Should Make An eCommerce Using WordPress

Introduction The items that differentiate an ordinary website from e-commerce one are a shopping cart, product pages, and the checkout process. So, to create an e-commerce site, you need the plugins that create custom product pages and have shopping cart functionality thus enabling buyers to add products to a cart. Additionally, the plugin must sync up the products on the cart with a payment platform allowing it to accept payments and match up the payments with the goods bought. Read on for a complete guide on how to make an eCommerce website in WordPress.

Step 1. Install WordPress

Install WordPress on your hosting account. This stage involves clicking on the WordPress icon and following the on-screen instructions. The steps are clearly explained and hence easy to follow. Once complete, you will end up with a clean WordPress website. The next stage is to convert it into an entirely functional ecommerce website with the help of a suitable plugin.

2. Identify and install a plugin

Navigate to Dashboard, then to Plugins, and finally to Add New. WordPress provides various ways to create an e-commerce for different markets and types of products. In fact, the main benefits of mastering how to make an eCommerce website in WordPress are the presence of a wide range of plugins and themes that you can utilize.

Below are some of the plugins that you can use are;

#1. WooCommerce This plugin supports over a million active installs explaining why it covers a significant fraction of the total online shopping market. It is also suitable for selling physical, digital and affiliate products.

Its other benefits are;

• It provides product variations, different shipping options, and payment gateways.

• It integrating well with virtually any theme • The plugin is also easy to set up; you only install and configure; the plugin will cater for everything e-commerce related

#2. IThemes Exchange Existing as a free version within the WordPress directory, this plugin allows you to start creating an online store without spending money. It also supports two payment gateways, one of which is Stripe, the gateway that other alternatives offer at an extra cost. Some of its benefits are;

• It allows you to sell digital and tangible products

• It performs exemplary at creating membership websites (the plugin was the first to introduce this feature)

• It is amazingly simple to use; the onboarding process easy and fast.

#3. WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce contains all you need in online shop plugin; shipping options, product management, a shopping cart, and checkout. Additionally, SSL is integrated while all the basic functionality is available free of charge. Its other benefits are;

• The plugin is fully customizable to your theme and site.

• It comes with built-in marketing tools such as discounts and coupons

• It contains many attractive WordPress themes that you can use to give your online shop an outstanding appearance.

3. Add products For your online store to function appropriately, you need some goods, services or download in the data base. So, add each product that you intend to sell; specify the product name, provide a description and create a central item section. The first time you add products using the plugin, some handy tooltips that explain the purpose of each field, pop up. Once you’ve added all the goods, hit the Publish button.

4. Choose a theme A theme determines the final appearance of the products you added in the preceding step. Note that you must add products first so you can have a pictorial presentation of the products in your data base. You are, therefore, best positioned to ensure everything in your online store look right.


Knowing how to make an eCommerce website in WordPress paves the way for the realization of several benefits of establishing an e-commerce as opposed using the existing options. Some of the advantages include the absence of ongoing fees, customizability, and availability of many tutorials on how to setup and optimize your website. Use the above guide and realize financial benefits of using a WordPress eCommerce site.


Benefits of WordPress & Why it is Better than Other Platforms

Ever since the inception of many blogging platforms online workers is still confused as to which is the best. Since there are a lot of differences between these websites it is important to understand them before choosing the right one. WordPress was started in 2003 and since then it has grown to be one of the leading self-hosted blogging tool that is now used by millions of people worldwide.

But what are some of benefits of WordPress as compared to other content management systems?

Content management
WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform but currently has grown to be able to manage your content. It uses pages and posts instead of individual elements. You can add media, quotes, texts and all the other important elements within the pages. Since WordPress is browser based, you can login from any internet connected to your computer and manage your site.

Hosting options
This is also another upside of WordPress. This platform gives you a lot of options and the ability to expand your website hosting. Since it is an open systems management you can install it for free in as many websites as possible. You will also get free software updates and support from your provider. This means that you can choose whichever hosting provider that you like which is not like websites.

The best blogging platform
This site gives you one of the most robust blogging platforms that is available. It gives you full control over your content while allowing you to build a blog post. This means that you will no longer wait for a web designer to come and make simple updates to your website. You can easily make those updates yourself which is unlike other sites.

E commerce
WordPress offers the best foundation for building a site that is meant for eCommerce. There are several plugins that will allow you to build WordPress Ecommerce. More so, you can build the kind of eCommerce website that you need while still using it. Since the cost of hosting is low, you can build a more expandable website with WordPress than you can do in other platforms.

Your site can grow with your business
Since WordPress site very scalable, it can enhance the growth of your business as they expand. You can have hundreds of blogs or web pages, but the performance of the website will not be compromised at all. You can also set up multiple users to the website and assign capabilities and access levels to each user.

Search engine optimization
Search engines love its code. This is because the code behind it is clean making it easy for search engines to read and index. Each page, image or post can have its own keywords, title, and description that can be optimized. You can also use tags in your search engine optimization efforts.

Final thought
The above outline facts show how WordPress is better than other platforms hence very popular with folks. More so, WordPress offers more flexibility and freedom which makes it easy to build a website the way you want. Above all, what will make one platform better than the other is its authenticity and reliability. You can learn how to build a WordPress Website here.


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