Access Movies through Netflix without Hassle

American Netflix is a company, which offers movie rentals by mail and online media streaming. Thanks to this company, movie buffs find it a lot easier to keep up with the new releases and fulfill movie cravings. They started out as a movie rental service through mail and now they offer online media streaming and also sell DVD’s online.

American Netflix

Netflix in America and Canada


American Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and the company has been continually growing ever since. Netflix Canada was only launched in 2010 and so their movie selection differs greatly in numbers if compared to its American counterpart. Due to the license agreements in films, there are some movies that are not available in Canada and can only be accessed by Netflix America. Today, the company is adding more titles to their selection so they can provide to the demands of their customers.


Access Netflix in Canada


Since there are many movies available in Netflix America that are not offered in Canada, people found ways to access it. By changing the IP address of their device, they are able to access the titles they want by tricking the Netflix server that their device is actually American. This method is controversial and has raised many questions about its legality. If you are asking if you can get American Netflix in Canada then yes, but is it legal? Probably not. Although the number of titles in Canadian Netflix is significantly lower compared to the American, their selection is actually competitive and they offer movies that are exclusively available to Canadian viewers as well. Surely, Netflix brings each viewer closer to his or her favorite films.