An Overview of an International School in Seoul

Seoul Scholars International or SSI is an International School in Seoul specifically established for gifted student in the secondary level, usually from the 8th until 12th. This academy is specifically designed to cater to the growing needs of students who aim to seek their studies overseas. The main goal of this academy is to establish a secondary level education equipped with excellent standards in order to give the students the opportunity to achieve their aspirations in life.

The mission of this international school in Seoul is to establish challenging educational activities to prepare student for their future successes in their chosen career paths. Activities that stimulate oral and writing skills, improve critical thinking and acquire mastery of the given subjects are carefully included in the curriculum.

Apart from the academic goal of the academy, they also promote character building, wherein they promote intellectual maturity. This process is very crucial for the students as they are into the stage where they are growing into adulthood. The academy will generously provide the needed assistance in order to make these experiences worth remembering for the students.

Basically, the instructors hired by this international school in Seoul are well-trained and are considered to have high expertise on the subjects that they teach. They have undergone several stages of interviews in order to ensure that their skills and knowledge will be beneficial for the students. These instructors are highly talented, have acquired excellent disciplines in their chosen fields and are dedicated in providing the students with the time and effort to share their wisdom The involved instruction system stimulates discipline, independence as well as time management in order to allow the students explore their own interests, skills and talents while doing it in an organized manner.

The international school in Seoul offers the students a wide array of courses, which will help them develop their talents. They generously offer English, social studies, electives and the STEM curriculum. These subjects will help students gain the right knowledge and skills that will help them prepare for a more advanced level.

Admissions for this academy require students to be within the 8th and 11th grade. Ten students per grade level are required to enrol per batch. There will be an English interview prior to admission. The process involves filling out and submitting of the application form, after reviewing the form, there will be an entrance exam as well as an interview to make sure that the student deserves to be a part of this prestigious academy. Finally, admission decision will be the final process. Students will be informed individually if they have been accepted to enrol and study in this international school in Seoul. They will also receive instructions regarding the next process.

The Seoul Scholar International is basically an active community which provides students an inspiring and challenging environment that is conducive for the students. An academically inviting atmosphere will absolutely make the students be more involved with their studies. The numerous accreditations from various academic institutions aid the academy in performing well and continuously enhance their curriculum and strategies.