Why You Should Invest In Singapore Real Estate

The city of Singapore shares the distinct honour of being somewhere you might have heard of but never truly understood. In fact if you asked most people to show you where Singapore was on a map they’d probably wind up pointing at Hong Kong instead.  Except perhaps for those who follow the F1 trail – Singapore is one of its jewel stops, famed for its night races.


Regardless of whether you know where Singapore is, or isn’t for that matter, you’ll find that it is still the business and travel hub for Asia, as it has been since colonial times. In addition to this the government of Singapore are actively courting foreign investment of all kinds, backed up by the fact that roughly 1,000,000 (one million) foreign nationals currently reside in the city, accounting for almost 20% of the total population.



Here are some of the main reasons to invest in Singapore real estate:


1. Due to its financial wealth Singapore is often referred to as the “Switzerland of the East”, making it a safe haven for your money.


2. The city is consistently rated as one of the top cities to live in anywhere on planet Earth, beating out most contenders by quite a large margin.


3. Unlike most other Asian countries foreigners living and working in Singapore can actually own Singapore condominiums and apartments – this is thanks to the clear laws governing the ownership of property by non-nationals.  An example of a project that is popular among expatriates is 70 St Patricks, at St Patricks Road near the East Coast beaches.


4. Foreign nationals can also avail themselves of the relatively low interest rates on mortgages here, while also being able to take advantage of the lack of a capital gains tax.


5. The property market in Singapore is so active that if, for whatever reason, you don’t enjoy living here then you’ll find it very easy to sell your Singapore home and move on with your life.


6. Even if you’re just investing in properties to profit from capital appreciation, you’ll find that the upside potential from properties here have historically been far above the global average.


In addition to the above you have all the other social reasons for investing in Singapore, such as excellent employment opportunities and very low crime rates, but more than anything else you’ll have the rare chance to invest in the real estate jewel of Asia.

Singapore condos

Painting Contractors In Wellington – Your Preference is their need

Painting Contractors in Wellington,fl is the place to ring if you need your house to look as new as you had bought it. The staff knows what it is doing judging from the way they treat customers with honesty and regard. If you have never worked with contractors before then you should know that what most contractors quote is not what you end up paying. There is either this or that whose price has altered over the time or the work was more than they thought and so you need to add something. That is not the case with painting contractors at Wellington. They give you a quotation and they stick to it.


Capitalize on Efficiency

One aspect that you will like about painting contractors at Wellington is that they allow you to contact them through the internet. You can receive the estimates for the job you need done through email within 24 hours of request. This is easy as it helps you budget well knowing what to expect.

The other irritating tendency that comes next to added bills when dealing with contractors is missing calls. When you call, yet it does not go through or it goes without being answered what do you do? You get frustrated. Nothing of that sought happens to you when dealing with painting contractors at Wellington. They always return calls and they value customer feedback that they ask from you after a project.


How they are able to achieve the ability to be trusted? It is their ability to economize resources especially time and to ensure that they always complete the job. While this is constantly their commitment to customer satisfaction, they do not allow intrusions to spoil the lasting relationship with the customer- in other words, there are no inconveniences.

How would there be a bad customer with such perfect being offered? Basing their work ethics on responsibility and availability, painting contractors in Wellington guarantee contentment.

Improve the quality of your artwork with Golden Paints

Golden Paints is a US based oil-color production company that was started by Sam Golden and his Uncle Bocour. Today, one of their most inventive products is the OPEN Acrylics, which includes a fresh line of tints and color mediums with considerably slow drying properties. This allows artists to purposefully blend and retouch acrylic paints in unique ways not possible with other types of oil paints. Through constant consultation with professional artists and scientists during the manufacturing process, the firm has managed to pursue high standards of quality for all their products. The creative team delicately incorporates single pigment technology when preparing colors, these shades are actively sought out to maintain superior pigment load on the finished product.


Qualities of the oil paints

The company offers solutions to artists who may be worried about the durability of their unique artwork. First, these paints are quite easy to clean. Common stains like smoke, dust and hand marks can easily be wiped off using a piece of cloth socked in water. Second, they offer maximum protection from UV rays generated by the sun. Users would also appreciate the shiny outer surface which perfectly consolidates the painting, giving it a nice and even sheen. Gloss finishes may be added to intensify color effects, while Satin or Matte can soften the color so as to minimize glare.


Painting technology advancements

Golden Paints has an online Tint Mixer tool that allows artists to virtually test and explore different color options using the special palette software. This program is user-friendly and features a drag and drop interface where users can blend up to 3 different colors from the featured grid. These virtual color combinations are quite accurate and the results are more or less similar to those obtained from mixing actual paints. In addition, all their products are environmentally friendly and have been made from bio-degradable material. You can visit their official website for more information on the list of services available.