Smart Pens – What You Need When Writing

The digital age has gone very far, positively affecting the lives of every modern individual. Today, people can access unlimited information, work and attend classes in front of a computer and even transact businesses without meeting clients face to face. But one of the aspects everyone cannot live without is the macro skill known as writing. While you can speak directly onto your phone when doing online searches or even transcribe information to your device through various online applications, you cannot simply get away with taking down notes through writing, either on paper or on your mobile device. But with the fast and high technology form of living nowadays, the traditional pen and paper kind of writing might not work efficiently. Thus, smart pens came to existence.

Neo Smart Pen N2
With the aim to bridge the gap between traditional and digital writing, Neo Smart Pen N2 was invented and manufactured for use for everyone. The product generally looks like an ordinary pen but unlike traditional pens you use every day, the Neo Smart Pen N2 has the ability to transmit whatever you write into your mobile device or netbook computers for storage. With the use of the product, you can have all your school or business notes stored into your handy mobile device.


How do smart pens work?
Today’s technological developments have made many impossible things in the past become realities. Smart pens like Neo smart pen N2 works through its installed camera feature, which carefully records what you write. Using a special paper designed with very small codes not seen by the naked eye, every word and letter you write are transmitted through Bluetooth into your device. Whatever you write can also be stored, just like saving typed texts or documents in your computer.

What makes the product stand out?
There are several products available in the market but what makes Neo smart pen N2 the best option? You can find a lot of cheaper smart pen products from various online stores but choosing this among the rest is advantageous for the following reasons:
1. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Since the product draws energy from batteries, battery life is an essential issue when purchasing smart pens. Neo smart pen N2 is primarily designed with long battery life as it uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the newest Bluetooth technology that consumes low energy compared to other Bluetooth operations.
2. It is slim, light and durable
There is no doubt about the beauty of the product’s appearance but what makes it more notable is its slim, light and durable design.
3. It is powerful
With its ARM dual processor, the product has the ability to handle even heavy writing tasks by capturing 120 frames per second.

You don’t have to bring pen and paper or scour your bag for writing materials every time you need to jot down something. By having the best smart pens at hand, you can perform any light or heavy writing tasks with ease and convenience. For more information about Neo smart pen N2, you can visit the product’s official website.