Watch your Favorite Movie without Difficulties

In 1997, Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings after he got a late fee on one of the DVD’s he rented. From that experience, he realized that renting movies through mail would provide less hassle. He then started the company without knowing how successful it would be in a span of ten years. Today, Netflix USA is a multi-million company and one of the biggest providers of media entertainment to the world.


Netflix: The leading Provider of Entertainment


Customers like Netflix because it is inexpensive, fast and accurate. They provide a wide array of movies in every genre possible. They also have a recommendation setup where they suggest the next movies their customers should watch base on their checkout history and the ratings they give of a film. They also offer online media streaming of movies and television shows. These features make Netflix a hit with the customers and more and more people subscribe to their services each passing day.


American Netflix vs. Canadian Netflix


Canadian Netflix was only founded in 2006 and so their movie selections come short in number if compared to its American counterpart. Some people change their IP address to trick the Netflix server into letting them access the movies available to the American subscribers. However, this is a complicated process, which takes up a lot of time and sometimes fails. If you are not “techy”, you will also need to hire someone and most of the time, it’ll cost you a lot of money. If you are wondering how to get Netflix USA in Canada without any hassle then click on the link to find out more on